In November 2015 Terence took over Location Tutors Nationwide, established in 1997 by Annie Bright, expanding and changing the name to location crew.

We continue to provide a network of fully qualified teachers across the UK all DBS checked; experienced in the classroom, individual tuition and on media productions.

We understand the flexibility required to fit into the daily filming/theatre schedule, be it in a studio or on location.

Tutoring requires a great deal of resourcefulness, flexibility, and diplomacy. Our tutors cover all Key Stages of the National Curriculum from KS1 to A Level. Children with special needs can also be catered for.

Typical daily schedule:

The tutor will be expected to arrive at the studio or location around 8.30am ready to start at 9am and can easily be available until 6pm.

The production co-ordinator will allocate a suitable place for lessons and will organise the tutoring schedule to fit in with rehearsals, wardrobe, make-up, lunch, rest breaks and the actual performance.

Of course, circumstances may change during the day e.g. there may be technical issues to resolve, or, if filming on location, certain scenes may depend on the weather; so the tutor must be prepared to be flexible.

The law requires a child to receive 3 hours of tuition per school day, and these are usually split up into units of not less than 30 minutes. If, at the end of the day, the 3 hours have not been completed, the 'lost' time can be aggregated over a four-week period. The tutor will keep a record of the timetable and the work done, which will then be passed onto the child's school.

Liaising with the school beforehand about the programme of work helps to maintain the continuity with the child’s education. Occasionally, though, the tutor may be assigned to teach up to 12 children (provided they are of similar Key Stage levels) from different schools, and this requires a great deal of initiative from the tutor.  Home Button