Terence O'Connor

Terence is an award winning director/producer in the media.

Celebrated for gold, silver and bronze awards at: The Cannes International Festival, Kinsale, The New York Festivals, Creative Circle, Epica and The British Television Advertising Awards.

Terence started in post-production at the BBC working as an assistant editor, moving into video postproduction as a VTR engineer for Paul Smith's Celador.

Next came music videos with Steve Barron and Daniel Klienman at Limelight Films as a production assistant/2nd AD, AD/1st AD. Commercials soon followed as a 1st AD.

In 1992 Terence was given the opportunity to light a test commercial for Theo Delany, which so impressed the Creative Director Murray Partridge that Terence was given his own script, for Jose Cuervo tequila, which won several awards and kick started his career.

Terence set up his own media production company, Trademark Productions with creative business partner Marek Losey, working together for 16 years. The duo had much success, won awards, traveled the world, met their wives to be, married and had children.

Terence always cast his own commercials and music videos with a strong passion for understanding the psychology and philosophy behind what actors are and how they transform into character.

So much so that with the birth of his own children Terence left the industry, studied Philosophy and undertook teacher training leading to working as a mentor/teacher in schools and in business for over 10 years.

Terence returned to the industry working as an AD/tutor/chaperone in: commercials, music videos, TV, short films and Feature Film.

A list of some productions Terence has worked on: Adidas, The Amazons, The Photographer, Pan, The Jungle Book: Origins, The Huntsman, SS GB, Tarzan and You Me and the Apocalypse.

In which Terence had the oppurtunity to watch and learn from the Directors: Joe Wright, Andy Serkis and David Yates.

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